Area Food Bank

A great place to donate to "feed the hungry" in our area.

A Great Place to Give Money
The next time you want to express your thanksgiving to God for the ministry of a pastor or a teacher in the church, I highly recommend giving to the Veterans of the Cross. Say a prayer for these forgotten people when you give. Pastor
CBS Evening News Story of Les Ventes and Peggy Harris

Great story. Pastor's wife went along to interpret. That' her between Peggy Harris and Mr. Cirlau.

Christian Joy Podcast by President Harrison
Pastor Harrison explains Christian Joy
The Lutheran Witness
This is the official publication of our church body.
Vernon Movie Theater
What is playing at the movies?
Charity Information
This site provides essential information and ratings for thousands of charities.
Lutherans For Life
Lutherans for Life exists to uphold the sanctity of life from the womb to the old age.
  September 2021  
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